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Personal Training Client Testimonials and Transformations. Our amazing clients getting amazing results

28 day challenge results page

28 Day Transformation Challenge

28 Day Challenge Results Page 28 Day Challenge Results “I came to Oxford Performance Centre off a referral from a friend to basically kick start my fitness and get back on track after 12 months of inactivity and over indulging. I didn’t realise how bad I actually let myself go as I was previously fit and…

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Phil’s Testimonial – Leaner and stronger than ever

Phil's Testimonial - Leaner and stronger than ever

Phil’s Testimonial – Leaner and stronger than ever A few months ago my wife Nicola and I decided that we would do something to improve our way of life, and when she found the 8-week offer to train with Oxford Performance Centre on Urban Society we both leapt at the chance to sign up considering…

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Nicola’s Testimonial

Nicola's Testimonial - I dropped 2 dress sizes

Nicola’s Testimonial – I dropped 2 dress sizes and 11% Body Fat. I signed up for the 8 week nutrition and training programme as a kick-starter to getting fitter and healthier. I was worried about going from a very sedentary lifestyle to attending HIIT and Strongman classes but the coaches looked after me and made…

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Ash’s Transformation Before and After Photos

Ash Transformaton - Before and After

Ash’s Transformation Before and After Photos 1st place at INBA Sydney Super-bodies MAY 2015 My name is Ash Calvert and I train under the guidance of Head Coach Daniel Christie at Oxford Performance Centre. I recently competed in the INBA Super-bodies Bodybuilding competition In MAY 2015 and took home 1st place. I have been a personal…

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Millie’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge

Millie’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge

Millie’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge – Dropped 10% Fat to build a stage ready bikini body ‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Oxford Performance Centre. I have recently completed their 12 Week Transformation Challenge and have never felt better. I managed to drop almost 10%???? of my body fat (bio print) and…

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Corporate Fitness at the Oxford Performance Centre

Corporate group fitness Testimonal by Ernst and Young

Corporate Fitness We are all after some balance in our day to day lives.  However, while it may seem possible in our heads, it is quite the opposite in reality! But don’t consider yourself abnormal for feeling this way, it’s what makes us human. Let us take a look at a common example, Health. We…

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Testimonial – Ben’s 12 Week Weight Loss Chanllenge

Ben Morris 12 week weight loss Transformation

I came to Oxford Performance Centre overweight, unhappy and in need of a lifestyle overhaul. A 33-year-old DJ, I’d been leading an unhealthy life for years, consisting of bad food, too much alcohol and poor sleeping patterns. Thanks to Dave, the crew at Oxford Performance Centre and a lot of hard work, I now feel…

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Testimonial – Blenda’s 28 day Transformation. Over 5 kilos in Weight Loss

Blenda First 28-Day Transformation

Over 5 kilos in Weight Loss! Today I finished my 28 day transformation challenge! I could have done more, I know it, but this challenge brought me more than almost 6kg in weight loss, it made me change my lifestyle for better, for a healthier one. And I’m decided to keep it and lose more…

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Amy – 28-Day Challenge. 5 kilos down.

Amy Partridge - Start, Half, End

Before starting the 28-day challenge, I was often feeling sick, unhealthy and generally run down. When I first started the program, it took me a while to adapt to eating more protein and cutting out the sugar, but it helped that I started noticing a difference in both how I looked and felt from very…

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I lost a massive 5.4kgs in 4 weeks, Tracie’s Body Transformation

Tracie’s Body Transformation I had always been happy with my weight that was until I moved back from living in Canada for 2yrs. I weighed in at an embarrassing 80.7kgs, no one ever said I was fat but, I was unhappy in myself (especially when I went clothes shopping). I have tried all different types of…

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