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Eat Meat To Lose Weight

Meat has long been shunned by a lot of dieters because of its reputation of being high in saturated fat and increasing cholesterol levels. However, when chosen carefully, eating meat can help you lose weight and realise your body goals. Meat is rich in protein is essential to power your body and helps you lose…

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7 Ways to Stick To Your Workout

how to stick to your exercise

Exercise has its many benefits. It improves your mood, helps you sleep better, and even help keep stress, depression and anxiety away. If you have been on an exercise regimen before, you also know that feeling too tired, too busy, or too old can make even the most enthusiastic people skip the gym. Knowing that…

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The Anabolic Window: A Myth Busted?

Window? What window? The anabolic window is supposedly the period of time after an intense workout where the body shifts from a catabolic state to an anabolic one. In short, for around 30 minutes your body is primed to accept food and convert it into muscle mass. So gym rats have adopted this to their…

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Relieve Muscle Soreness with These Tips

You’re here probably because the day after a hard day’s training, you’re struggling to descend downstairs or having a hard time maintaining the strength of your glutes while sitting mid-air in a public toilet. Your muscles seem like burning in each step that you make, especially after leg day! It’s no wonder a lot of…

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Conscious about Pregnancy Weight? Packing Extra Pounds is Normal

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!!!  Go easy on yourself, especially now that you are pregnant.  Don’t make losing weight your priority at this time, but make really good nutrition your priority and you will find that everything else will fall into place. It is completely natural and normal to gain weight during pregnancy! You are…

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How to Spend Your Non-Training Days

nontraining days

Being away from the gym can be boring. If you’re into strength training, you have more rest days per week than the others. It’s a much needed time to recuperate and actually build what you have destroyed, which are your muscle tissues. To put that into perspective, performing compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, overhead…

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5 Tips to Stay Motivated in the Gym

Tips to Stay Motivated in the Gym

Do you know the hardest part of working out? The answer:  Showing up in the gym every day. Well, almost everyone in their lives lose the motivation to go to the gym once the early fervour has waned. At first, it might feel good and you would quickly assume you are going to work out…

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10 Fitspirational Quotes to Pump Up Your Workouts

Fitspirational Quotes

Motivation is one of the key factors to keep striving and achieving greatness. This also applies when you embark on a fitness journey. Remember, getting your ideal body simply doesn’t happen overnight. Without patience and motivation, you’ll be getting farther from your goals. The lack of these things deviate us more often than not. Most…

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Girl Power: Four Strength Training Exercises for a Gorgeous Body

Strength Training exercises for women

It’s just a bit disappointing that women are portrayed in the media to be these gentle creatures that are not in any way capable of lifting heavy weights. This sends women the message that the only way to achieve a gorgeous body is to perform cardio exercises. Yes, cardio works to shed the extra fats,…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Mass Training Program

mass training

When we think about buff dudes, we usually associate them with the bodybuilders and pro wrestlers that we see on television. It’s as if they’re the only ones who have every right to look that way, but these days, more and more people know better. Whether you’re a man or a woman, know that gaining…

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