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Get the Body you want with a Darlinghurst personal trainer…

You want arms, abs, chest, shoulders, and yes... legs.

You may have trained in the past, or even still train right now, but the question is; are you getting the results you actually want?

If you are like 95% of guys out there, then you aren’t getting the results you want in the gym. Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

What our Darlinghurst personal trainers specialise in at Oxford Performance Centre is taking guys from where they are to where they really want to be, having the body every other guy is jealous of.

We achieve this with 3-step process that covers easy to follow nutrition plans, supplements that actually work to get you burning fat and adding lean muscle mass with the right training programmes and guarantee to get you the results you are after.

In just 12 short weeks you can drop up to 10% body fat, gain 5kg of lean muscle mass and get to the point where you feel confident with your shirt on or off.

Our Mens Lean and Ripped Program is design to overcome the plateaus preventing you form building the body you’ve always wanted. We have developed a training system designed to build muscle mass and strength for every body type. We use advanced training techniques programmed for each individuals’ needs to transform their body and stimulate muscle growth. Each programme is designed for the individual depending on the training age, body type and goals.

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Here is a breakdown of what you get when you train with OPC…

  • Goal setting - what do you really want?
  • Body assessment - (body weight, body fat, measurements, active basel metabolic rate (BMR) and progress photo)
  • Biosignature / bioprint assessment - body fat and hormonal assessment
  • Physcial assessment - strength and fitness assessment
  • Full history, Training, Nutrition and Medical
  • Body composition reassessment fortnigthly to make sure we are moving in the right direction
  • Physical re assessment to see your strength, fitness and speed improvements.
  • Supervision from our level 3 and 4 coaches
  • Monthly phone call from our head personal trainer to talk through progress

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