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Are you sick of being the chubby guy and hate taking off your shirt in public? Do you want to look like a Men's Health model, leaned and ripped. Not too big but just right. You may have trained in the past, or even still train right now, but the question is; are you getting the results you actually want? Want to know how to get them? Our Mens Weight Loss Boot Camp in Surry Hills is customised for guys. We use you own custom BioSignature to get a specific nutritional breakdown to burn fat, a training platform to build lean muscle and a coaching team to get the very best out of your training. If you are ready to transform you body, boost your confidence and feel better than ever, then click the link below and book in for a FREE consult and get started on your Mens Weight Loss Boot Camp Surry Hills TODAY.

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Work 1 on 1 with one of our professional trainers in our private gym
  • 12 or 24 Week Transformation Packages to make sure you reach your goals
  • Customised Training, Nurition and Supplement Programs suited to your goals and body type
  • Wodify Account to track your progress and record your personal best lifts. With on going support community and accountabiltiy
  • Weekend Seminars on Technique and Mobility
  • Members only benefits card

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