Everyone at Oxford Performance Centre must play by the Club Rules (“Rules”). The Rules aren’t just any old rules – they’re part of your official Oxford Performance Centre online Membership Agreement and have been lovingly prepared by our legal team. So please take a moment to get familiar with what they have to say.

Rules are for who?

Oxford Performance Centre members (“members” or “you”) and their guests, why?

  • So we can keep ourselves nice, safe and maintain Club standards.
  • So everyone, especially you, can have a good time at our Clubs.


Unlike some rules, like only having chocolate once a week, our Rules can’t be broken.

If you don’t comply, we may ask you to leave the Club, deny you Club access, or (if it’s really serious) terminate your Membership.

We will of course be fair when applying our Rules (which we’ll do at our discretion). While we’re not here to rain on your parade, we will consistently apply our Rules so that everyone can work out in a safe and comfortable environment.



We may change these Rules occasionally. When this happens, we’ll let you know in advance by popping a notice on Club display boards or screens and by updating our website (oxfordperformancecentre.com.au). Please be sure to keep an eye out for any changes.



All members and guests must fill in a Health Check Questionnaire before using Club facilities. We may ask for a letter from your doctor confirming you are safe to exercise.



  1. Every time you enter our Clubs please log in via Wodify at Reception and reserve your spot in the class if in not all ready booked in.
  2. No-one else may use your account.
  3. If your Membership Benefits Card is lost or stolen, you’ll need to organise a new one with reception.
  4. If your Membership Dues aren’t up to date, or your Membership is frozen, suspended or terminated, Club access will be denied.
  5. On termination of Membership please return your Membership Card to Oxford Performance Centre.
  6. If we terminate your Membership, it will be at our complete discretion as to whether you are eligible to join any Oxford Performance Centre in the future.



  1. We’ll post opening and closing times on Club display boards and our website (oxfordperformancecentre.com.au).
  2. Don’t bring alcohol or illegal drugs into our Clubs.
  3. Please don’t consume food or beverages brought from outside, in our Clubs.
  4. You may bring guide dogs into our Clubs. Careers may enter our Clubs with the member they are caring for but cannot workout in the Club when caring for a member.
  5. Don’t use the Club facilities while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, or tranquillizers.
  6. Don’t smoke inside or near the entrance to our Clubs.
  7. Please leave the Club punctually and prior to our published closing times.
  8. Unless we give the OK, please don’t take any pictures, photographs, films or videos via any form of recording device, including phones or cameras of our Club premises.
  9. You’ll need to pay for any loss or damage caused by you or your guests while in the Club.
  10. We may provide trial access to our Clubs for potential members and other folks.



  1. Use equipment for its intended purpose. Follow the instructions provided. Ask for help if you need it. Please do not bring your own equipment into our Clubs. Be sure to let us know if any of our equipment is broken or unsafe.
  2. No food or bags on the training floor or studios.
  3. Only drinks in plastic or aluminum bottles containing water or sports drinks are OK to bring onto the training floor and studios.
  4. Please think of other people by replacing weights and equipment after use.
  5. A towel must be used on all equipment and while you’re strutting your stuff in the studio and on the training floor. Please wipe down equipment after use – no one wants the pleasure of your sweat, no matter how sweet it is.



  1. All group exercise classes need to be pre-booked as they have maximum head-counts. Timetables and instructors may change without notice. We will post the details on Wodify, Oxford Performance Centre’s Facebook and in club boards.
  2. If you’re more than 5 minutes late for a group exercise class you will not be able to join in. We want to start classes on time, as your time is precious. Please arrive a few minutes early. Make sure you warm up before you get physical.
  3. Our instructors will limit the number of attendees to set class numbers.
  4. Please follow all instructions given by our smiley instructors.



  1. Exercise gear fit for purpose must be worn at all times in our Clubs. For example, t-shirts/tops (no bare chests thanks fellas) and closed footwear must be worn at all times including when moving between classes and change rooms. No shoes are OK only when you’re in the change room, pool or sauna area.
  2. If you’re unsure of what to wear, ask a Oxford Performance Centre team member.



  1. Storage spaces are available to store your gear while using the Club (subject to availability). We can’t guarantee that the use of a storage spaces will stop theft or damage to your stuff from occurring.



  1. Only Oxford Performance Centre Fitness Professionals can provide personal training in our clubs. Please don’t bring your own trainer into our Club.



  1. Don’t mess around with fire doors or fire exits.
  2. Please follow any health and safety notices displayed in our Club. Please let Oxford Performance Centre team member know if you are hurt or injured before you leave the Club.
  3. In an emergency or when an announcement is made, have your ears turned on and follow the Club staff’s instructions at all times. If you don’t evacuate when asked we will treat this as a serious breach of these Rules.



  1. Oxford Performance Centre may occasionally take photographs/ images of the Club and its facilities (including members). We’ll try our best to get your OK beforehand (so you can glam up) but this may not always be possible. We reserve the right to use these photographs/images for commercial purposes without payment.
  2. Always respect other Club members, guests and our staff. Please use the Club in a way that doesn’t disturb, detract or impair anyone’s experience.