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Testimonials and Transformations!

Hear what our clients, Jean, Brian and Jannali have to
say about our Indoor Boot Camp sessions


Millie’s 12 Week Transformation – Dropped 10% Fat to build a stage ready bikini body

‘Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Oxford Performance Centre. I have recently completed their 12 Week Transformation Challenge and have never felt better. I managed to drop almost 10%???? of my body fat (bio print) and ended up at 14%??? which I’m really proud of. I loved the way I still managed to gain some muscle at the same time as losing fat.

The most surprising part of the 12 Week Transformation Challenge for me has been the changes to my overall wellbeing. By adopting a healthier, well-rounded, more active lifestyle, I feel great and I can tell my body is thanking me for it. My energy levels have increased, I’m sleeping much better, my skin has improved and my concentration levels have improved also.

I feel so much more confident about my body, myself and what I’m capable of. This is the first time in so long that I’ve been proud of how I look. That’s something I will never take for granted.

Even though the 12 Week Transformation Challenge was just for 12 weeks I can’t wait to keep training hard and eating the right foods to fuel my little body!

Thank you OPC!!! ‘


Nikki Turnbull 4.5 weeks – 27.6% to 19.1% body fat

‘Before I started training at OPC I was really unfit, and was putting on weight. I didn’t have a very good diet and I knew I wasn’t making the most of myself. 2015 was going to be the year that I did something about it.

OPC has seriously been life changing – after 4 weeks I feel like a new woman – physically I feel amazing, I’m toned – I’ve come down from 27.6% to 19.1% body fat. Everyone who knows me compliments me and are amazed by my progress. Mentally I’ve got so much more energy – I’m always upbeat and happy.

I used to hate the gym but now you can’t keep me out of there. I’m now careful of the food I eat as I’ve realised nutrition is so important. Dan and the other coaches are brilliant and so supportive; I’ve made some good mates with other members in such a short time, the group classes are great and there’s always such a good vibe.’


Testimonial – Ben’s 12 Week Weight Loss Chanllenge

I came to Oxford Performance Centre overweight, unhappy and in need of a lifestyle overhaul. A 33-year-old DJ, I’d been leading an unhealthy life for years, consisting of bad food, too much alcohol and poor sleeping patterns.

Thanks to Dave, the crew at Oxford Performance Centre and a lot of hard work, I now feel like I am in my early twenties again! I’m really happy with my weight loss. I have loads more energy, I’m happier and have managed to find a great healthy balance in my life. Plus I still tour the country as a DJ on weekends, but am a now working in the fitness industry during the week.

OPC has made me develop my passion for fitness and has inspired me to achieve my qualifications in personal training. My life has been completely transformed for the better thanks to OPC in ways I never dreamed. Now I use my fitness journey and the knowledge of how far I’ve come to help others realise their weight loss goals and what they can achieve.

Ben Morris

Testimonial – Corporate Group Fitness Testimonal by Ernst and Young

“We are 8 weeks into our corporate session and the EY team participating have enjoyed the variety and challenge. The facilities at Oxford Performance Centre are excellent and it is a professionally run gym . Apart from the fitness benefits , our team enjoy the social bonding and post a session feel energised and ready for a productive week ahead .”Nick Pond, Human Capita Partner, Ernst and Young

Amy – 28-Day Challenge. Dropped 5 Kilos

Before starting the 28-day challenge, I was often feeling sick, unhealthy and generally run down. When I first started the program, it took me a while to adapt to eating more protein and cutting out the sugar, but it helped that I started noticing a difference in both how I looked and felt from very early on! After the first two weeks I could already see a change in my face and body. 28 days later I’m down from 60 to 55 kilos! I’ve lost fat and toned up, I can even see my abs! This program showed me how eating the right foods can make me feel fit, sexy and healthy again. “Amy”

Testimonial – Blenda’s 28 day Transformation. Over 5 kilos in Weight Loss

oday I finished my 28 day transformation challenge! I could have done more, I know it, but this challenge brought me more than almost 6kg in weight loss, it made me change my lifestyle for better, for a healthier one. And I’m decided to keep it and lose more 5kg!

I’m happier, sleeping better, feeling good eating well and drinking less alcohol. A totally different lifestyle that I use to have one month ago! Thanks for this programme! It literally changed my life!!!!I’d like to thank you Dave, Dan and everyone from the programme.

Everyone was so nice to me! Also to all the girls that are doing your best to reach your goal. It’s really inspiring, all the best xx


I lost a massive 5.4kgs in 4 weeks, Tracie’s Transformation

I had always been happy with my weight that was until I moved back from living in Canada for 2yrs. I weighed in at an embarrassing 80.7kgs, no one ever said I was fat but, I was unhappy in myself (especially when I went clothes shopping).

I have tried all different types of diets to lose weight (Soup diet, Lemon detox diet, coconut dextox, juice diet and other various pills to lose weight) I even went and saw a naturopath who put me on a strict plan for 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong initially I did lose weight with all of these diets but it was a temporary fix as I would gain weight within the next week as prolonged use is harmful.

I saw a sponsored ad come up on my Facebook newsfeed from Oxford Performance Centre offering a 28 day transformation challenge and it said it was guaranteed for you to lose up to 5kgs. I thought well its now or never and with my 30th birthday nearing in October, I knew I wanted to get skinny.

After signing up, the staff at OPC were so helpful in explaining what and how the transformation challenge worked and within the week I got started. Let’s just say when I downloaded the meal plans, created an account and looked at the exercise I though OMG what have I gotten myself into, but I had signed up and I had to be committed if I wanted to achieve the best results.

The 1st week was challenging, I always skipped breakfast, didn’t really exercise much and hardly drank water so this was a change and the 1st bootcamp session Mel smashed me (but in a good way!) Week 2 became easier and when Week 3 rolled around it was hard to fight temptations as I was on holidays for a week and knew fresh food would be hard to find but I survived but when weighed in I was so happy with my results I was just bursting for week 4 to begin and see what was to bring for my final day!

What can I say, WOW, on day 28 I weighed in at 75.3kgs, I actually weighed myself on 3 x different scales because I thought they were wrong. I couldn’t believe it. I had lost a massive 5.4kgs in 4 weeks, not only that I had lost 7cm off my waist, 3cm off my hips, and 4cm off my chest. I was amazed at my transformation and the results I got.

No juice or fad diets, actually just eating right through healthy meal plans combined with exercise and increase in water. It just seemed so easy! Since being off the plan I have found that all the tools I learnt I now implement into my everyday life as well as educating others and my partner in getting health and staying fit!

As well I looking to lose another 3kgs so I’ve started back on the plan and increased my exercise to hopefully achieve this J Looking back it wasn’t really that hard – I have learnt a lot about health and exercise – I’ve found that PREPARATION is the key – prepare yourself, prepare your meals, prepare your gym bag the night before so that when you start the day there are no excuses!!!

I really cannot thank Dan and all the staff at Oxford Performance Centre for all their encouragement and support 24/7 through calls, texts and the Facebook page and all they have done in creating this amazing challenge.

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